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June 20, 2009


I'm glad that your blog continues Stateside & also about the wonderful conditions in which your kitties currently revel. I hope you will find equally love and snack filled conditions shortly. I envy you the free jazz radio station. We have one so-called jazz station here, but Miles is as avant-garde as they get.

Chows always got bad press. Freud, who also got bad press, had Chows, as did the comparative ethologist and author of "Man Meets Dog" whose name I forget at the moment (having turned 65 on the 18th I am having even more senior moments). He bred them with German Shepherds to tone them down a bit. It gave them a longer muzzle as well as a gentler disposition.

Wow!! Mom looks awesome in those previous posts.. Wish her a happy birthday from this ghost from the past.. :)

P.S. I meant to mention re your title for today's blogpost that Thelonius Monk's wife used to refer to his piano style as "melodious thunk".

They have what looks to be a nice museum in North East Md -- IF you can ever find it open -- hasn't happened yet for us and we met a very nice 90 yr old woman who walks there every day who says it is never open lol

Maybe when you visit the kitties next it will be -- or you can find out how we can know when it is for our next run thru there :D

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